Papa Darby

David, Darby, Papa Darby was my fellow Libran.  Calm, collected, balanced and full of fun.  His ability to love and to be loved were his most endearing qualities.  Immensely proud of all his family no matter what it may be, a drawing, a song, an irish dance or even just a merit point at school. 

Saying hello and goodbye to David took some getting used to especially as at the end of the evening he would clasp your face between his hands as if he was never going to see you again and plant a kiss on your face.

His soft irish accent was almost melodic as he’d raise his hands in the air and wave them around saying phrases like “thank you my boy” and “where’s my cookie” to Freya and Rory.

He settled well into retirement, enjoying playing games on his phone and kindle, reading the economist, managing the bins for the whole of Vicarage court and making great friends with all his neighbours.  He also knew everything you could know about current affairs and of course engineering!

Norma and David are a couple like no other, after 50 years of marriage they’ll be forever remembered as the stars of every dinner table with fun anecdotes and memories about the fun people they’ve met around the world.

Art classes were great with David with a natural artistic talent and eye for detail he would gladly join in the chat around the table regardless of what it is.  I remember he took enjoyment walking around the room looking at everyones work to congratulate them.

As a grandparent David was true to his university nickname and was an absolute “dude”! His minecraft skills are second to none and much to Freya and Rory’s amazement he built Buckingham palace.  He was always happy to join in whatever fun games we had lined up at the dinner table and true to Douglass tradition would be still wearing his Christmas hat by the end of the night.

He truly was a happy, kind, caring and fun loving husband, father,  grandpa and father in law who has certainly left a lasting legacy to make the most of life, have a coffee and liquour, call the waiters captain and ask for a zabaglione – still need to try my first one..maybe we should start having them as a Christmas tradition

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