Theatre Review: An Adventure at Bolton Octagon

An Adventure – Octagon Theatre, Bolton

What an adventure I had on my latest visit to the Octagon theatre, I was entranced from start to finish with the lively, energetic glimpse into the lives of two wonderful characters Rasik and Jyoti. The audience were transported from India, Africa and London all on the same night.

The play opens with feisty Jyoti interviewing Rasik as an unlikely suitor for her hand in marriage and at the start it looks like he has no chance against the other suitors when he turns up in a suit two sizes too small for him. He’s determined, heart-warming and offers her a life full of adventure and they certainly do just that.

As well as being funny and uplifting it also shows the struggles they faced living in India in the early 50’s and then over to the UK in the 60’s where their daughter was spat at on the way home from school.

The acting from all four actors was fantastic and the chemistry between them all had me gripped througout the perfomance. Jyoti was an inspirational character who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right and it’s really hard to believe that this is the actress’s debut stage perfomance as she was very relaxed and confident throughout the entire performance.

I loved every minute of it and would certainly recommend it. The show runs until Saturday, February 26. and you can buy tickets on the following site:

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