Salford Street Food


I’m not a huge fan of takeaways but have stumbled across the most delicious Japanese takeaway in……..Salford.   Tucked away on Bolton Road in Swinton, Salford is a takeaway called Osechi and it really is amazing!  We ordered using “Just Eat” and we had tempura vegetables, yummy gyoza’s and gorgeous Pad Thai and Nasi Goreng so if you’re a fan of food like this you’ll love this takeaway. In reality Tim ate most of it and I had the tempura vegetables and a normal portion of everything else.  It really is restaurant quality and not greasy at all.

I love finding little gems and secret restaurants so when I find them from now on I’ll try to do a post.. One of my good friends Rachel who lived in Japan for a few years took us to a fab Japanese restaurant that was behind a shop and many years back my sister in law Chloe took us to the “secret thai” in Hong Kong which again was a tiny restaurant hidden in the back of a shop with amazing food so I’ll be looking around for more of these..

So here it is :  /


4 thoughts on “Salford Street Food

  1. Hi, sorry to pester, but wondered if you could help me out? Totally new at this! You followed my blog yesterday, but I have changed the name of my blog today, as I wanted it to not be restricted to one city. Do you lose followers when you change the blog name, as you are no longer there?! Btw its cool if you no longer want to follow, but just trying to sort out my state of confusion here 🙂 Thank you in advance. I am based in Manchester and found this article helpful too


  2. Thank you for your support and following! I had a nightmare trying to set up the site. It now has a different name and looks a lot better. Also, finally got my first blog done! take a peek and look forward to your upcoming posts too 🙂


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