Roller Disco


Roller Disco fun
Roller Disco fun

A wheely good weekend

Pardon the pun but we had a fab weekend centred around rollerskates, bikes and scooters so I couldn’t resist!

They always say it’s life’s little pleasures that make for the best days and I often find it so much more enjoyable just going for a family walk or bike ride than being squashed in a soft play centre.

Taking our little ones to their very first roller disco was just fantastic! It was just how I rememberd them to be like although the rink seemed a lot smaller or maybe it’s because I’m not 2 foot anymore! The place was quite run down and from what I can remember it used to be part of the old Bolton Wanderers football ground!  The music was intentionally cheesy but skating around the rink singing frozen at the top of our voices with nobody able to hear because the music was so loud is a memory that will always make me smile. The fact that it was run down had its plus sides – it wasn’t busy so it meant my son Rory who didn’t want to try skating could just run around pulling me on my skates. It also meant it was only £4 each for two hours.  Bargain and definitely one to repeat.

Have a go if you don’t live too far from Bolton – well worth a visit!

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