Poetry class – eek!

Poetry class

I was reading the other day about the blogger who gave her husband 50 tasks for his 50th birthday present – I’m beginning to think my husband is doing the same although drip feeding them through birthdays and Christmas’s.  Experiences are great ideas for presents and as I’m getting older I’m finding that I’m using them more and more..

I’ve always loved writing poems although I use the word poems in the loosest form as I think what I do are limericks. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or valentines I have often put a little poem in cards and I do really enjoy writing them.  Bec

Poetry class
Poetry class

ause of this I guess it’s no surprise that Tim bought me a poetry lesson for my birthday but when I ran into the class 5 minutes late I was greeted by a classroom of elderly professional poets.  We then had to sit around in a U shaped formation and were given 5 minutes to write a poem about a walk! As it happened I actually worked quite well under the pressure but my standards may be different to others.  I loved my little ditties but the other members were focusing on metaphors, personification, imagery and similies.  Not to belittle what the others did but quite the opposite I just felt a bit inadequate and out of my depth – there was one man in the class who came up with a beautiful poem about wrapping the moon up in a blanket. By the end of the class I did come out with a few poems that I never would have written before – one about my walk to school with my mum, one about the hippo attacking me in Zimbabwe and one about being late to class!  I do love poems and a few of the people there told me I should look into writing childrens books so who knows…

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