Monster’s Inc Party

Rory's 4th birthday
Rory’s 4th birthday

It’s birthday party season in our household and as always I get very carried away and try and make each party the best I possibly can! My son Rory asked for a Monster party so I managed to convince him that Monsters Inc would be the best idea as I’d already seen heaps of great ideas on Pinterest!

I had grand ideas of making a giant Mike Wasowski using a gym ball and papier mache but luckily came to my senses and had to admit defeat.  I did however transform the trampoline boxes in my garage and made them into Monsters Inc Doors which I was really pleased with.

We hired a church hall in Eccles and thankfully 3 of my friends got the timings wrong so were on hand to help with decorating the room.

If all the decoration wasn’t enough I had decided a week earlier that I wasn’t happy with the football entertainers so bought 4 onesies for my dh, my sister and mum and myself to wear – we looked hilarious but great at the same time and running the party together was something I will always remember and treasure.

My mum used to run boys clubs, brownies and guides when we were growing up and is also a retired teacher so was great to have on board and my sister is a teacher so was a great assett.  My husband is great entertainer too so we were quite the team!

Fun was had by all now to my next party for Freya who is thinking about a party in the woods – eek!

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