Baby Shower Success at Richmond Tea Rooms

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When I was searching for a nice tea room to host my lovely friend Rachel’s baby shower I stumbled across Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester and what a find! As soon as you walk in you feel like you’ve been whisked away into Alice in Wonderland’s world.  The décor is absolutely fantastic and the staff are so friendly you instantly feel like you want to stay.

I’ve never organised a baby shower before but knew that Rachel wouldn’t want a regimented day full of games so I limited it to just a “guess the baby” competition and then asked everyone to predict when Rachel’s baby will arrive and his weight. I also made up some little goody bags and took selfie props too which we had some fun with.

Considering most of the friends hadn’t met each other before we all got on really well and it was a great day.  The food was lovely although the only thing I would add would be that there could have been more sandwiches and cakes but they were delicious.

I will definitely be coming back and it would make a perfect venue for a kids birthday party…

Oh an extra tip – parking is really expensive but I managed to find a cheaper one on Pritchard Street – M17DA and it was £4 instead of £8 at the closer ones..

For more information about Richmond Tea Rooms – there are heaps of photos on the following website

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