Go Giants..

IMG-20151115-WA0000So after the last game being cancelled we were all excited about our very first family basketball match and despite the score we still all really enjoyed it. Rory with a little help from me bought the tickets as a birthday present for Tim and after yesterday I’m sure it will be the first of many.

We were all cheering the Manchester Giants along and Rory was quick to correct me when I shouted “Go Giants” as he said “Mummy it’s not Go Giants it’s Go Manchester Giants”.

The match was against the Newcastle Eagles who we later found out are the current Basketball champions so I guess it’s no surprise that they won. It was exciting supporting the underdogs as there were many times that we thought they were catching up.  We even saw a couple of slam dunks which was great and reminded me of my childhood basketball games with my big brother Dan and how impressed I was when he would score slam dunks in our makeshift net screwed onto our outside wall.  I remember how he often wore his  vests and accidentally broke my nose with a basketball.

The atmosphere was great with the cheerleaders and street dancers entertaining us in between the quarters and the intermittent sound effects.

So the final score was Manchester Giants 87 Newcastle Eagles 117 – everyone went onto court at the end of the match so we took the opportunity to meet head coach Yorick Williams and get a sneaky photo of Freya and Rory.  Freya and Rory loved the experience although Freya and I weren’t too enamored of the sweaty smells at the end of the match.


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