Spider-Man Stops By…

After hearing that my husband Tim was having his work’s leaving do the night before Rory’s 6th birthday party, I dropped the bombshell that I’d borrowed a Spider-Man costume for him to wear on the day!

He really did a brilliant job, despite not getting home till 2.00am!  As soon as he entered the soft play area he was surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of 6 year olds shouting “it’s the real Spider-Man!” that was until Rory loudly announced that it was definitely his daddy as he has the same watch!

This year Rory had a shared birthday party with three of his lovely friends in his class and I enlisted the help of an old school friend to make the cake and what a fantastic job she did too so thank you Jane! http://www.facebook.com/janeebabescakes

After a great first attempt at my Spideystrawberries they didn’t quite turn out as well second time unfortunately as by the time we were ready to serve them the chocolate eyes had started to melt! On the plus side they still tasted yummy and were really easy to do..

All in all it was a great day and Rory is well and truly partied out, as are we, for now…Freya is already planning her party but thankfully we’ve got a few more months yet..



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