Poptastic Christmas Show – a must see



Yesterday we went to see Mr Popper’s Penguins at the Waterside in Sale.  If  you get chance between now and Christmas I’d definitely recommend you pop over as it’s a fantastic show for kids and parents too.

The story is so heart warming and kept us gripped for the whole 60 minutes which is a perfect time if you’ve got an active little one sat next to you.  We were also encouraged to bring the children in their pj’s and bumped into friends too which was great – just glad I wasn’t wearing my pjs!

My children loved the novelty of sitting in the theatre in bed clothes and enjoyed drinking their milk and chomping away at the yummy cookie while watching the show.  It was a lovely added touch and made the bed time routine much easier when we got home too!

Not to give too much away but the play is about a painter and decorator called Mr Popper who dreams of going on an Atlantic Adventure – little did he know that he would end up living with a Penguin or two…. The singing is fantastic and the choreography and puppetry was phenomenal.

The play had us giggling away as well as falling in love with the adorable penguins.  The show had a standing ovation from the audience which says it all really.  An added bonus which brought lots of laughter was being taught how to dance like a penguin.

Before you leave the theatre you can buy your own penguin to take home with you.  I managed to divert my two before they saw them but I’m hoping to pop back and get them as a Christmas surprise..

Big thanks again to the lovely guys at The Waterside Theatre as I was gifted three tickets to go and see Mr Poppers Penguins and wow what a treat it was.  The theatre is perfect for little ones as no matter where you’re sitting you have a great view and feel part of the audience.

Mr Popper’s Penguins opened to the public on Wednesday 27th November and runs until 31 December. Schools performances are also available – for a full breakdown see watersidearts.org/popperspenguins

The show is recommended for children aged between 3 and 11 

Cookies and milk packs are also available to pre-order along with your tickets for just an extra £2.50 each for all shows.

Children (and adults too!) are invited to come in their PJs and bring a favourite bedtime teddy to the 6pm Slumber Shows to make their theatre experience a real bedtime treat!



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