Heading for University!


As I dropped my beautiful, intelligent and independent niece off at university this morning I had the sudden realisation that it was 17 years ago that I myself was walking into halls and meeting new friends! How have I become that old and can it really be that long ago that I was living off cheese toasties, spending hours upon hours in my pjs and searching charity shops for fancy dress clothes for the next pub crawl!

It was so lovely to see my niece settling in and meeting what will probably be her life long friends.  I’m still in touch with three of my university friends and we even to this day share a special bond cemented after living in each others pockets for three years in Preston.

It only seems like yesterday that I was dragging myself out of bed for the nine o’clock lectures after a night out in the student union! Saying that I don’t think I could handle having no sofa to curl up on, sharing a bathroom and eating so many take aways!

I did absolutely love my university years but love being a mum and having all my home comforts more. Good luck to everyone going this year and I’m sure there will be many teary parents.  It will be 11 years till my daughter goes and she’s already told me that she wants me to come with her.  Not sure she’ll still be saying that when the time comes although I know I’ll want to move in with her!

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