Freya’s Frozen Fractals Party

Freya's Frozen palace
Freya’s Frozen palace
Elsa and Olaf
Elsa and Olaf

I definitely got a bit carried away when it came to my daughter’s 7th birthday as I figured by the time she’s 8 she’ll be too grown up for a princess party so I thought I’d make this one extra special. I also love organising parties and dread the day my little ones don’t want me to do it anymore. We hired the downstairs function room of a local restaurant and then much to my husband’s disbelief it took us four hours to decorate the room with cotton wool balls for the snow, spray painted twigs to recreate the wood scene and blue plastic glasses. We also put a table with a bowl of marshmallows and cocktail sticks for the children to build their own snowmen.

I also decided to build a giant castle which took so much longer than I ever imagined. With my husbands help we cut holes inside the giant fridge boxes which were kindly donated from curry’s so that all the children could climb through it. I then used blued wrapping paper to decorate the boxes and I was so pleased with it.

We picked all my daughters friends up for school an took them to our house to get changed and then over to the party. All the hard work was definitely worthwhile when I saw Freya’s face now onto the next party which is my son Rory’s 4th birthday – monsters inc?

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