Suburban Sushi

Sushi has arrived in Suburbia or should I say Monton.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I drove down Monton Road and saw a sign saying “Fresh Sushi”.  I’ve been waiting for this day since my travelling days back in the 1990’s – eek that makes me feel old! After University my then boyfriend now husband and I decided to embark on a trip around the world.  It was there in the streets of Sydney that I fell in love with the California Roll which on first appearance looks like a very strange looking ice cream with salmon and Avocado popping out at the top.  My lunchtime dilemas were then a thing of the past as I would just pop down to the numerous sushi bars and pick one up.

So will Finnegans Fishmongers on Monton Road now be my local lunch pit stop? Definitely a strong contender against homemade houmus wraps and peanut butter on rice cakes which didn’t do what they were supposed to for my waste line!

Welcome Finnegans and here’s to a lifetime of delicious fresh sushi! x

Sushi in Monton!
Sushi in Monton!

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