Super Spa Break

I’ve just got back from a fantastic spa break at Cottons Hotel & Spa in Knutsford with three of my lovely university friends, next year we’ve decided to book a sunny spot to celebrate our University 20 year milestone!

Surely we’re not old enough for this but saying that it does feel like a long time ago that I headed off to Preston with my perfectly straight fringe and curly hair, armed with my cheese toasty machine which would be my staple cooking utensil for the whole year.

My room was on the ground floor which I soon decorated with beer mats and cute posters of babies and Mr Men, not sure what the reasoning behind that was?  We had such fun times on our numerous pub crawls, trips to Blackpool pleasure beach, rugby matches and pyjama days.

The spa was just what we all needed although I think I could have been anywhere and I still would have had a great time catching up.  It’s such a great feeling when you see friends you’ve not seen in ages and it’s as if there’s never been a time you weren’t all together.

Looking forward to our next catch up already…20150912_192144 20150913_132019

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