The Walk to School

Lollipop ladyAs well as writing down memories from time to time I love writing limericks (I don’t think they’re quite good enough to call poems – still traumatised by my poetry class eek!)

Anyway I just stumbled across some poems that I wrote in the poetry class so thought I’d put them on here.. This first one is called “The Walk to School” and I’m going to dedicate it to my wonderful Mum who is where my love of writing and poetry came from – my true inspiration.

“The Walk to School”

My earliest memory that I can remember

Is that frosty walk one noisy November

Do you remember holding my hand

as we marched up the road like we were in a brass band?

My legs were little and I was only five

yet we’d talk none stop and feel so alive

Jumping through leaves to make them crunch

like a bowl of cornflakes munch munch munch

Are we nearly there yet you’d hear me cry

Churchill way goes on for a mile

We’d get tot he top and turn the bend

and waiting patiently was my good old friend.

In a long white coat and white frizzy hair

I couldn’t help but stop and stare

With a stick so long with a big round top

Such a shame it wasn’t a real lollipop

Dorothy was her name but now she’s gone

but my memories and her legend will always live on

As we drive down the road I’ll say with a sigh

“Lets give a wave to the lolipop guy”

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