School dinners, school dinners, concrete chips,concrete chips, soggy semolina…

IMG_354820151007_123808My childrens school have started a wonderful initiative where the children invite parents to come in and have school dinners. Once I’d got over the shock that they use plastic trays and still use an ice cream scoop for the mashed potatoes I was really excited.  It was so special for me as Freya and Rory go to my old primary school so I had vivid memories of trying to remember my table manners and eat correctly when I was seven years old.  I also remember having to show my head master Mr Wickes my plate to see if he would let me leave the lumpy leftovers.

Tim came to the lunch with me and no surprises loved the food and even ate my desert.  When it comes to food my husband Tim will eat anything and everything and to prove this he even enjoys hospital and airline food.  I can just about understand the airline cuisine as I too have had some delicious meals mid flight to exotic places but not hospital food.  When I was in hospital after having Freya Tim would bring in a sandwich for me and we’d shut the curtain so that Tim could tuck into the hospital made cheese and onion pie..

The school dinner was a pleasant surprise and just the novelty of sitting with Freya and her friends is a memory we’ll treasure.  It will be Rory’s turn in a few months which we’re sure will be a noisier and messier experience.

I’m going to end this post with a wonderful poem that I co-wrote with my mum when I was in school (I’m pretty sure mum wrote the majority of it but I still remember it and love it so here goes)

“What is it today I wonder?

Mashed potatoes or chips?

black shrivelled and greasy

not past my lips..

I never liked school dinners

with pink and gristly stew

jellied tapioca

does that appeal to you?”

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