Happy Halloween from my pumpkin patch

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Halloween has started early in the Douglass house and we already have six pumpkins taking pride of place on our window sill.

The unwritten code for trick or treaters is to only knock on doors with pumpkins in their window so if this is true we’ll have lots of visitors this year eek! The amount of years I’ve stocked up on sweets and only had a few visitors so I’m hoping this year will be different.  We’ve now got my in-laws and brother and girlfriend just around the corner so will be planning on a mini trick or treating expedition at some point as well as a party at our local gym..

The yummy sweetie brand Twizzle has done a survey that says only 3 in 10 plan on opening the door to trick or treaters this weekend so maybe it’s just as well I’ve stocked up on sweets at home!

But Halloween isn’t just about trick or treating it’s also about pumpkin carving and another excuse for a fun party.  I was so shocked this year that Freya and Rory were able to carve their own pumpkin – I guess they are getting older, I’m always amazed at how much they can do by themselves.

We visited Kenyon Farm in Warrington for the first time this year which was brilliant.  I’ve been there for Strawberry picking a few times but never at Halloween.  The fields were pretty sparce by the time we got there but it didn’t dampen our spirits and Freya and Rory ran around trying to pick up over-sized green pumpkins and over ripe corn on the cob that they want me to cook!. Unfortunately my cooking skills aren’t the best but being up for a challenge I’ll try and give it a go..

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