Awesome Autumn

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It’s official – I love Autumn and that’s not just because I’m an Autumn baby although maybe a little bit.  We had a lovely weekend at home running through the leaves, scooting, bike riding and attempting to go to a basketball match but thankfully not all at the same time.

I know they say the best things in life are free and it’s really cheesy but also so true. I do have to remind myself that you don’t always have to drive for miles and queue for a decade to have fun with the kids.  Keeping it simple is often the key and doing things like trying to play football or pretending you’re workmen picking up leaves is just as much fun as going on big dipper at a big amusement park.

Saying that we were super excited on Sunday as we went to our first family basketball trip to see the Manchester Giants who are based just next to the Chill Factor.  Our smiles soon dropped when we got there as it was announced that the game had been cancelled as the court was too slippy.  Apparently the court had been washed with the wrong products – eek I felt bad for the poor guys who’d travelled with the Plymouth Raiders and for the cleaner responsible for the pitch!

That being said Freya and Rory left in high spirits as Tim had promised them a movie night back at home with popcorn instead.  We watched the Book of Life which was great for us all – Tim especially

Thankfully Manchester Giants were very apologetic and have agreed to transfer our ticket to watch the Newcastle Eagles in two weeks’ time so we’re looking forward to that and to make things even better Papa is going to join us this time too.  I’ve also promised Rory that I’ll buy him a foam hand which I’m sure will definitely be a purchase that I’ll regret

2 thoughts on “Awesome Autumn

  1. I love Autumn too! And totally agree that there are so many awesome autumn activities that don’t cost a penny! The basketball game sounds great, such a shame it had to be cancelled – great that your tickets can be transferred though, hope you enjoy the game! x


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