Ghost stories, mince pies and mulled wine


They say you should never go to the same holiday destination twice and sequels never seem to be as good as the original films so I’m slightly nervous now that I’ve signed up to do my second play at Urban Stage – here’s hoping I’ll be able to learn my lines in time!

In a moment of madness a year ago I signed up for adult drama classes on a Tuesday evening and haven’t looked back since.  It’s great fun and challenging at the same time.

I really loved being a part of Urban Stage’s “Put Down Your Aprons” which was all about women in World War 1 and the feedback from the audience was phenomenal even if they were slightly biased by being family and friends.

So in two weeks’ time I’ll be back on stage trying to perfect the scouse accent and scare the audience with ghost stories.  Joking aside I’m lucky to work with such a great cast and get support from such talented professionals so I’m sure it will be a great evening and once I’m fluent with my lines I’ll hopefully be more confident!

The play is a selection of ghost stories acted out, read and sang so plenty of variety to keep everyone on their toes…

Unfortunately my number one fans Freya and Rory won’t be able to come and watch as it’s too scary for primary school children.  This has made learning my lines all that more difficult as they usually help me.  In the last play the two of them were able to prompt me which was so lovely.

So here’s the exciting bit – the play takes place at Worsley Road United Reformed Church, Worsley, Manchester on Thursday 19th November at 8.00pm tickets are available from Helen Kay on 07969509159

So if you love mince pies, mulled wine and ghost stories then you’re more than welcome to come along.

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