My Scooting Superstar…

After several years watching Freya jump up and down on the stage as a sheep in her annual nativity play, it was great to see Rory following in his big sister’s footsteps with a love of the stage.

He was such a cute traveler and really took his part seriously as he led his fellow travelers around the stage to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

He sang all his songs so clearly and with such enthusiasm that I’ve still got “2000 years ago in Bethlehem, in Bethlehem” playing on repeat in my eardrums.

I’m super proud of him and loved the fact that even though he was dressed as a traveler he still wanted to go to school on his scooter.  Mum, Arnie, Nana, Papa, Freya, Tim and I all got to see the show and I’m looking forward to showing him the dvd in years to come.

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