Breakfast with Santa

20151212_105455 20151212_104819

Getting out of the door at 8.30 on a Saturday morning was definitely worth it just to see Freya and Rory’s face light up at the excitement of going for breakfast with Santa.  Bents Garden Centre which is just off the East Lancs on the way to Warrington is magical at Christmas time and the food is great too!

Saying that with my health drive I was very good and ordered just sausage and poached egg thinking it would be ok but it came on a huge plate and looked ridiculous compared to everyone elses bulging breakfasts.  My only excuse was that I was heading off to Annie’s in Manchester later that day to celebrate my sister’s upcoming wedding so knew that there would be lots of cream cakes waiting for me!

Breakfast with Santa certainly didn’t disappoint they were all so excited when he came out of the chimney and they enjoyed lots of party games, beans on toast and a story from the giant Christmas book.  They all then got the opportunity to sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what they were hoping to get on Christmas day which was lovely.

Tickets are £15 per child and they do get sold out really quickly.  I think they’ve now started to do more as they are so popular.

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