Rory’s Paw Patrol Party

After a rocky start involving me dropping a glass bottle of Thai Fish Oil on the driveway, Rory’s Paw Patrol Party was a great success with Rory telling me that the party was awesome and Freya’s feedback was “it was amazing”.

This year we enlisted the help of local drama school Urban Stage to do the entertainment and they were absolutely fantastic.  They all studied Paw Patrol and by the time of the party they knew all the characters and theme tune.

When the children arrived they were taken to puppy training camp to do some fetching and catching games and then given their backpacks and hard hats to go on a secret mission.

It was mainly 5 year old boys at this year’s party so as you can imagine, the energy levels were at an all-time high and by the end of the day we were all absolutely exhausted.

The Paw Patrol theme was a great one for the decorations and I really love making props for parties.  This year I made a Paw Patrol Kennel with the help of my lovely niece Bronagh and it was really quick and easy to make just using 2 cardboard boxes.  If I’d had more time I would have painted bricks on the boxes but had to opt for Christmas wrapping paper but it didn’t seem to matter.  I also painted a welcome sign to put on the a frame outside the hall.  For the lunch boxes we bought plain white boxes and Tim and I spent the evening painting black paw prints on them.  To finish the look off we bought paw print balloons and filled them with helium.

All in all great fun was had at Rory’s 5th birthday party and it was great to not have to run around in a dinosaur onesie this year.  The only downside to the day is my fish infused driveway….

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