Happy Mother’s Day

Miriam and Paul Wedding 2014-05-24 350.JPGRory’s school invited all the mums to a wonderful Mother’s Day Assembly the other day where each of the children had drawn a picture of their Mum and said what they love about them.  It was so adorable seeing the children look directly at their parents as they said thank you for giving them cuddles or letting them play on the Ipad – it really was very cute. Rory was very proud to have his first speaking part and no surprises had no problem projecting his voice!

I had a lovely surprise this morning as I was treated to a scarf, soap, running shorts and a wrapped up box of weetabix – my favourite cereal!

But what I love most about Mother’s Day is being able to treat my special mum and tell her how wonderful and proud I am of her as she really is one of a kind! I’ve written a little poem for her but it really doesn’t do justice to all that she does for me and everyone else.


Happy Mother’s Day To “My Mum”


My mum is tall with long brown hair

With a beautiful smile and skin so fair

With a listening ear and a warm tender hug

With a tea and two sugars in big tall mug


My mum is a mum to more than than just me

To my brothers and sisters and the whole community

“Mrs Wyatt” is her name of Salford fame

Making food parcels and helping all in pain.


The homeless, the drunk the unloveable too

Come to mum to help them through

She coaches a football team every week

Teaching them the latest United techniques.

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