Coconut Convert


I received a lovely parcel in the post the other day filled with two lovely tubs of Coconut Oil from VitaCoco.  I’ve been asked  to put the coconut oil to the test and see if I can use it in my cooking and as part of my beauty regime which is almost none existent!  As a novice cook and novice almost bordering on hopeless make-up artist I have risen to the challenge and given it a try with my 8 year old assistant Freya.

The slogan says Eat it – wear it – swear by it.. I’m not sure I’m swearing by it just yet but it tastes nice on a piece of toast and is also a good conditioner for taming the ends of my hair.  I’ve also tried it to remove my eye make up but found it a bit too greasy but was probably using a bit too much so will try again!

I’ve yet to try it as a moisturiser but at just £5.00 a tub it really is a great buy.  I love the smell of coconut and I also like the fact that it’s all natural and organic so am hoping to write a post in the future to say I swear by it.

I read that it’s a firm favourite with Gwyneth Paltrow and Sadie Frost and that it can also be used as an after-sun moisturiser so lots of uses.  It’s also been used as a toothpaste but I don’t think I can go that far..

Thank you again to the lovely people at Vitacoco – I’m almost a convert..

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