The art of painting


For my Christmas present Tim bought me three art classes which was really thoughtful as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but would probably have never got around to doing. I’m looking forward to learning lots of techniques and also having a go at creating something worthy for the wall..

So far I’ve been to 3 classes and I’m hooked although I do miss my drama classes so may have to juggle between the two at some point.  It’s such a nice relaxing thing to do and I do feel like I’m actually getting a bit better.  My children are my best critics as I show them my work at breakfast and they give me their honest critique..

On the first class the lovely art teacher asked me to draw my hand with my left hand and not to take the pencil off the paper which was a really tricky thing to do but I was surprised it still resembled a hand – apparently lots of artists draw with their non writing hand as it gives them the freedom to draw what they see and not what they think it should look like.  I was then shown lots of techniques using watercolour which was good and I’ve already had lots of fun showing Freya and Rory how to do it too..


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