Standing Ovation for “Seagulls”

EXCLUSIVE LISTEN: Seagulls SoundtrackMy uni days seem like such a distant memory and although I can’t remember much of my law degree what I can take away are amazing memories of living with friends, watching day time tv in my pjs, living off cheese toasties and making lifetime friendships and not forgetting meeting my husband!

I had a fab weekend catching up with my old roommates and although we don’t get too see each other as often as I’d like we still get on as well as we did back at Uni if not better!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Press night from the lovely guys at the Octogon Theatre in Bolton to see their latest show called “Seagulls”.  While the Octogon is being re-built they set up home in Bolton library which was a great and intimate setting.

The show is set at Bolton University and it sees the friendships develop between four friends who are all in a band together.  It’s a great combination of drama and music and was action packed with fun, laughter and heart ache too.  The talented four were really entertaining and I’ve never seen someone sing and play the violin at the same time oh and also play the keyboard with their feet!

All four actors captivated the entire audience and all the extra touches such as selling the band t-shirts, the stamps on the hand as we walked in and the posters for the battle of the bands plastered on the walls were perfect finishing touches to a fab show.

 I’d definitely recommend you go and see this if you get chance – Tickets are priced from £14 – £29 and it’s held at The Library Theatre, Bolton Museum from now until 16th November

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