Brilliant Baby Shower

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I’ve just got back from my sister’s baby shower in London this weekend and have now conceded that it is a great new tradition.  I did used to be skeptical about baby showers but I really enjoyed myself and definitely think I missed a trick when I was pregnant.  The day was really relaxed and we all just enjoyed catching up over a few glasses of Prosecco and yummy food. My sister’s friend made jam for everyone with a lovely poem and even a baby shower cake.

We were all tasked with one job to bring our baby photos but with all the excitement I completely forgot about it so had to scramble through my photos on my phone to see what I could find.  Luckily I found one and we managed to get it printed off in an internet cafe near London Kings Cross Train Station.  It was like going back in time walking into an internet café as the last time I was in one was back in Thailand over 10 years ago – being spoilt with on tap internet access on my phone I thought they were a thing of the past but not so..

My sister was smiling throughout the shower and looked lovely with her “compact bump” and glowing complexion.  I can now go back to Freya and Rory and reassure them that a baby shower isn’t an event where it’s raining babies or where we’re taught how to shower a baby. Rory was very confused when I told him I was going to a baby shower and Freya couldn’t understand why she couldn’t come along.

I stayed the night at my sisters and we enjoyed take away sushi and catching up which was really nice.  The next day we went to the local fruit shop where I was in my element!  Now that I’m on my new found health kick where I can’t get enough of fruit I was in my utopia – I really love the fruit shops in London with all the fresh food on display.  I don’t know why but it just seems so much fresher picking your own fruit off the outdoor trays and putting them in the brown paper bags than from a fridge in Tesco’s.

We then popped back and made a delicious fruit and veg smoothie in my sister’s nutribullet – I will definitely be adding spinach and ginger to my concoctions from now on.  It tasted so healthy and really gave me a boost which was a great start to the day.

I love markets and have always wanted to wander around the famous London markets but with two little children in tow I’ve always avoided them like the plague.  As I was on my own I thought I’d give it a try and I absolutely loved it! We went to Spitalfields market and Brick Lane and I could have pottered around all day.  The smells, noises and colours were mesmerising – everywhere you turned you spotted some hidden treasures or freshly made food.  I avoided the temptations of silver rings and nice wall art but we stumbled across a pancake shop and enjoyed a delicious savoury pancake from “crepe affaire” which was delicious.

The weekend was so nice and despite stepping in dog dirt on my way back home I loved every minute of it.

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