Nutty about Nutcracker


Nutty about Nutcracker – Moscow City Ballet at Manchester Palace Theatre

As a Christmas present for my in-laws Norma and David we bought them tickets to the ballet at the Palace Theatre in Manchester which we went to see the other day.  As a ballet novice who still holds a grudge against her ballet teacher for not promoting her to the next class up with her big sister Sarah I wasn’t sure what I would think of it..

I loved it and was surprised at how many children were there.  I’d definitely like to take Freya to one next time as I’m sure she’d love the fantastic costumes, scenery changes and the beautiful music.  I’m watching Mozart in the Jungle on Netflix at the moment which is all about the conductor’s trials and tribulations with his orchestra – it sounds really dull but it isn’t, it’s actually quite cheesy but I’m hooked! Listening to the fabulous live orchestra at the ballet was so relaxing and the performers make standing on the tops of your toes and pirouetting look so easy.

I certainly won’t be investing in any ballet shoes but I did really enjoy the show and would definitely recommend it.

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