Roller Disco and Hollingworth Lake


The other weekend I enjoyed a trip down memory lane with a visit to Hollingworth Lake and a roller disco, thankfully not at the same time. On Saturday we went to Hollingworth Lake in Littleborough where my Granny Kay lived. We would often go on trips around the lake before or after we’d been to see her, wearing our obligatory hand knitted jumpers that granny had made for us – I can still vividly remember my horse’s head jumper, with its mane made out of loose strands of wool. I loved it at the time and am sure Freya would have loved it if I’d kept it.
We had such a great time walking and scooting around the lake, playing on the wooden playground and having a stop half way at the café for a well needed cup of tea. Rory opted for a bubble gum flavoured ice cream despite the weather being 10 degrees outside.
My Mum and Dad grew up in Littleborough so I always have fond memories of walking around the lake as a youngster, thinking it was going to take years to get around. We had a lovely meal at the end of our walk on Saturday at the Wine Press – Freya and Rory had home-made chicken nuggets, home-made chips which were delicious and baked beans, Tim had a huge plate of fish and chips that would have been enough for three adults but no surprises that he still managed to polish it off nicely and have room for an oreo ice cream sundae. I had a delicious goat’s cheese salad which was complemented with Freya and Rory’s leftover chips and nuggets.
The next day we went to the new roller rink in Bury with Rachel, Steve, Megan-Rose and Finlay. The roller rink is a great size and there’s even a dj taking song requests. I don’t know why I thought having a dj there was so good but I think it reminded me of my sixth form days at The Ritzy in Bolton where we would ask the dj to play the most cheesiest of songs and pretend it was our friend’s birthday so we were given a complimentary bottle of lambrusco! After a couple of hours Freya and Rory’s confidence on the rink was great and then we finished off with a game of air hockey. We’ve since heard that there’s a roller rink in Knutsford, altrincham and Wigan so we hope to give them a try at somepoint. Big thumbs up for the Bury one so far and no hand knitted jumpers needed as unlike the ice rinks it was nice and warm.


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