Park Run Ramble

So thanks to my brother Sam’s encouragement Freya and I have started doing the Park Run on a Saturday morning through Worsley Woods and so far are loving it.  The atmosphere is great and it’s amazing seeing all these people, all shapes and sizes, some with their dogs and some with their pushchairs putting their bodies through their paces to complete the 5 K run, rain or shine.  You also see the super fit marathon runners who seem to finish the course before you blink – the only way you know they’ve actually done the course is thanks to the tell-tale mud splodges on their legs.

So to ease ourselves in gently we’re doing half the course at the moment as I don’t want Freya to lose her enthusiasm.  I think after a few weeks we’ll crack it and will be joining the athletes and actually completing the course.  It was a bit embarrassing the first week when Sam, Freya and I triumphantly crossed the finishing line as the volunteers were armed with their stop watches and looked amazed at Freya’s speed.  We had to confess that we were not with the elite runners and had in fact only done half of the course..

It really is a great way to keep fit and feel part of the local community so I’d definitely recommend it – here is the information if you want to come along. And if you’re not a keen runner then the organisers are always on the look out for volunteers to help

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