The Pitmen Painters

Last night Tim and I went to see a truly inspiring and thought provoking production of The Pitmen Painters at Oldham Coliseum.   Throughout the whole play I was so captivated that I felt as if I was a fly on the wall watching a group of working class miners in an art classes! The Geordie accents were great and the chemistry between “Professor Lyon” and the miners was magical .

It was one of those plays that as well as being entertaining leaves you sitting up at night thinking about the hidden meanings and even inspired me to pick up a paintbrush although the results would be nowhere near as inspiring as the ones in the play!

The fact that it is a true story is even more heart wrenching and next time I’m in Northumberland I’d love to visit the Ashington Pit where I believe the original art is still hanging.


A limited number of tickets are still available to catch this performance so if you get the chance I’d strongly recommend it. It finishes on the 27th February

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