Review: Putting my best foot forward

ruth feet.jpgI’ve always been a big fan of pedicures, manicures, reflexology you name it so when I was asked to put Superdrugs footcare cream to the test I was only too happy to say yes.

First on the list to try was the sock pack which just fits on your foot like a sock and moisturises for 20 minutes.  I really liked them as they’re easy to put on and my feet felt silky soft at the end of it.  The added bonus is that it only costs £1.99

Honey & Almond Foot Nourishing Sock Pack

 Slip on the sock for 20 minutes before removing for effective results. Superdrug Honey & Almond foot sock pack contains Vitamin E to help moisturise the skin. Helps to soothe and soften dry, rough and cracked heels. RRP: £1.99

I loved this and my feet really did feel soft and pampered too – at just £1.99 I’ll definitely be giving this another go and it’s a nice alternative to a having a face mask


Next on the list was the Intensive Foot Lotion which again is a must have and really does leave your feet feeling nourished and cared for.   I’ve been signed up for a mud run later this month so I’m sure I’ll be needing this after that too.

Superdrug intensive Foot Cream contains aloe vera to soothe and vitamin B5, renowned for its conditioning properties. This rich cream will moisturize and condition your feet, leaving them feeling super-soft and smooth. RRP: £3.49

Sore Spots are great for These gel shields are specially contoured to the shape of your foot to give a comfortable cushioned fit, perfect for those summer parties.

RRP: £3.49

Ball of Foot Cushions These gel ball of foot shields are specially contoured to the shape of your foot to give a comfortable cushioned fit RRP:  £3.49

My feet are often neglected so receiving this pack has been a great incentive for me to try and look after them a bit better so I’m hoping to continue with this when I get the time. Thank you Superdrug team 🙂





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